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Condition Reporting Service from the Loreto Group

Condition Reporting

Loreto are experienced providers of Condition Reports in Sydney and Melbourne. We understand your need to be able to rely on us to provide a quality service and  understand that sometimes there are deadlines which result in fast turnaround requirements.  You need to know we can meet your needs and we can always provide referrals to Sydney customers we have worked with in the past.  

We all understand a Condition Report or “schedule of conditions” is a document that describes the state of the property at a point in time. This is a valuable document and is vital to avoid future disputes relating to prior condition of a property. The Condition Report formalises the recorded factual condition of an asset and is not intended to provide advice. 

As part of our service we will define the condition of the premises at the start and/or end of the lease, define the condition of adjoining property prior to the commencement of construction works, particularly those involving excavation and vibration.

We will also define the condition and operation of building services to set benchmarks for construction. As part of our service we register personal property on the Personal Property Register. Our reports will include identification of any changes in conditions and alterations to the premises and identification of disrepair decrease in performance or damage.

All of these actions will reduce potential for future disputes as both parties have signed the document to confirm they agree it is an accurate record of the condition at the specific point in time. Our primary aim when working with you, our Customer, is to ensure you have the recorded information you need to eliminate any future issues for your business.

Lien Nguyen| Ducker Edmiston Pty Ltd

“The Loreto Group  are highly skilled and trained in their job and are always willing to go above and beyond for their clients.”

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